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Become a Computer Science Pro and Get Hired

A bunch of years ago I decided to get a degree in CS.

Problem was that at the time I barely spoke the language of the country in which I was living. Long story.

I considered flying back to the US, a quick glance online showed me what that would cost me:

Plane ticket: $700
Tuition:    $33,480
Total:         $34,180

I considered staying:

Plane ticket:       $0
Tuition:    $10,000

There was an organization that would cover 70% of my tuition + a $500 monthly stipend if I stayed.
I could fly back to America attend college in English and graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt or stay and end up with a net financial gain.

I stayed.

I reasoned that math is the universal language and computer languages are basically bad English anyway so what difference could it make?

Months later sitting in class the professor was saying “Mpphoni sigmmt zaroop differential mass kdofl” and I began to doubt the wisdom of my decision.

I quickly realized that if I wanted to graduate and/or to properly understand what the rest of the class was learning in their native language I would need to supplement my classes with the best CS resources I could find.

I was thrilled to discover that with few exceptions

everything that my teachers where teaching was readily and freely available on the internet in classes given by the very best teachers in the world

and in amazing textbooks that had slowly been improved edition after edition until the odds that any teacher could do a better job of explaining the material where slim.

The hard part was finding the very best of these resources from all the corners of the internet and matching them 1-to-1 with a complete college education. Khan Academy is a great resource for Calculus 1 but where can I find Calculus 2?

This guide is the result of my research and discovery.

This guide is for you if:

  1. You are contemplating studying CS in a college or a Bootcamp and what an overview of what you can expect.
  2. You know nothing about CS and desire to become as knowledgeable and skilled as any CS graduate from a top school.
  3. You don’t care much about Academia and theory, you want the equivalent of a coding boot-camp + clear steps to kickstart your tech career.
  4.  You work or desire to work in a tech related field (i.e. marketing, design) and have come to the realization that in order to maximize your potential you must develop a better understanding of core CS principles.




This steps outlined in this guide are simple, but not easy. I will assume nearly nothing about you (not even a high school diploma). However, I WILL assume that you are dedicated and willing to do what it takes to succeed. Earning a college degree in CS is HARD. Learning the material on your own may be even harder (granted not having the hurdles of bureaucracy, tuition, and bad professors in your path may make accumulating this knowledge easier, quicker, and a whole lot more pleasant).


How to use this guide


This guide is divided into posts. Each post represents 1 college semester. There will be a description of each topic you should master before moving on to the next “semester”. Each topic will be labelled as

  1. AC – Academic. Only necessary if you want a college education equivalent. 95% of programming jobs will not require this skill set.
  2. BC – Boot-camp. This topic is a must if you want to work in software development.
  3. ES – Essential. The bare minimum required so that that you can participate in tech meetings and seem knowledgeable.


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