You Totally Rock

You Totally Rock You Totally Rock by Jumping Ahead Inc. sends users personalized motivational messages. The app delivers messages daily to 10,000+ users. Messages contain uniquely generated images for each user tailored to their specific challenges and preferences. We were tasked by the client with development of the entire system. Requirements included a back-end, admin[…]

The English Club

The English Club Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew, The English Club is being used in classrooms and by teachers, tutors, and families around the world to successfully teach English using phonics-based, step-by-step building blocks. Our team had lots of fun bringing the 50 hand illustrated levels and games to life with animations, interactivity,[…]


Big Mind A study generation platform that facilitates the creation and analysis of surveys. Featuring a mobile app that guides the researcher in creating a rigorous study. A web component provides an online marketplace of studies where researchers can browse, filter, and purchase studies from a large and growing collection. Full email integration provides pertinent[…] A smart trading platform. Automated trading using customized algorithms. Smooth integration with IB.


CityApp Raanana The founders of CityApp wanted: “Hundreds of local businesses, hundreds of local services, and all the information you need, as well as the best deals on offer, all in your back pocket!”. And we delivered! CityApp now plans to expand their successful Ra’anana pilot app to include more cities in Israel. iOS and[…]

Hachi Garsinan

Hachi Garsinan Hachi Garsinan is a mobile app for Talmud Bavli variants, offering variant readings from printed editions and manuscripts. Available for iOS and Android.

Real Clear Daf

Real Clear Daf A mobile community app based around audio podcast lectures and interactive texts, including a custom forum/chat system, developed from the ground up by our team, serving thousands of daily users. Challenge: Make historical manuscripts searchable, zoom-able, and highlight-able while maintaining the integrity of the manuscript that one expects from a photograph. To[…]

Jewish Women’s Health

Jewish Women’s Health The Nishmat women’s organization wanted to use technology to help facilitate communication between doctors and their patients by providing easy access to information. Working with their team of experts, we developed “The Jewish Women’s Health App”. Available for iOS and Android.