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Full-service development of awesome apps for the web, iOS, and Android.

We provide development services to companies large and small, with extensive expertise in native iOS and Android development, modern web frameworks, and backend development.

We take complete responsibility for every aspect of the process, from prototyping and design to development and testing.

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Our clients are enthusiastic about our reliability, responsiveness, and integrity.

We leverage a wide variety of technologies and programming languages, allowing us to choose the best fit for your project.

We’d ❤️ to hear about your project.

We’ll help you assess the needs of your project, give you a quote, and happily answer whatever questions you have.

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Server Side

Whether you need a native app, a responsive website, or any other digital product, we will work with you to build a solution and deliver the outcomes that you want, on-time, and within budget.

We collaborate with some of the best design teams in the world to give your app that polished look.

Whether you’d like us to develop your project from start to finish or to add our expertise to your team.

We’re here.


  • Hachi Garsinan

    Hachi Garsinan
  • Real Clear Daf

    Real Clear Daf
  • PowerSefer

  • Jewish Women’s Health

    Jewish Women’s Health
  • CITYapp Raanana

    CITYapp Raanana
  • Cairo Genizah

    Cairo Genizah
  • You Totally Rock

    You Totally Rock
  • The English Club

    The English Club
  • Big Mind

    A study generation platform that facilitates the creation and analysis of surveys.

    Featuring a mobile app that guides the researcher in creating a rigorous study.

    A web component provides an online marketplace of studies where researchers can browse, filter, and purchase studies from a large and growing collection.

    Full email integration provides pertinent information and actions to admins as well as reminders and survey sharing for participants.

    For iOS and Android

    Big Mind

    A smart trading platform.

    Automated trading using customized algorithms. Smooth integration with IB.
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Professional, Experienced

read: on-time, within budget
True Craftsmen

Around since 2009 (that's before the first iPad), Sifra Digital has been around the block. We know apps, and the app market, like few others.

That's the reason world class companies worldwide choose Sifra Digital.

If you are serious about getting your project off the ground, Sifra Digital is serious about helping you achieve your dream.

  • Engagement

    Apps that we developed have been downloaded over 1,000,000 times, and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and in app purchases for our clients.

  • Recognition

    Our work has caught the attention of media outlets, leading to features on our apps in "The New York Times", "Ma'ariv", and "The Jerusalem Post," among many others.

  • Experience

    Our developers bring decades of experience in database technologies, programming languages from JavaScript and Java to Swift and Kotlin, system administration, web, cloud technologies, and more.

  • Reliability

    Our clients are constantly delighted by our responsiveness, industry knowledge, professionalism, and responsibility.

meet the team

What's under the hood
Yehoshua Levine
Yehoshua Levine
Founder and Lead Developer
Yehoshua’s vision for Sifra Digital is a company that provides engineering excellence without compromising on the human factors such as integrity, responsibility, and end to end support.
Yitzi Ginzberg
Yitzi Ginzberg
Full Stack Developer
Yitzi loves implementing the knowledge he picked up at the Jerusalem College of Technology to create some of the most beautiful and technologically sophisticated apps around.

He also had lots of fun making this site.
Yehoshua Deitel
Yehoshua Deitel
Project Manager
Yehoshua is passionate about building great apps for great companies. From the first conversation, until the app is live, he is there every step of the way and beyond to see your project come to life.
Nassan Paul
Nassan Paul
Lead Web Developer
Nassan served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a software developer and hardware engineer. He is a full-stack, multi-stack developer, with a dab of designer. Nassan enjoys the challenge of complex system architectures, and the balance of an intuitive user experience necessary for consumer facing products.
Chaim Gross
Chaim Gross
Lead Mobile Developer

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